People Kevin Hates

Welcome to the newest feature on our website, People Kevin Hates.  As our listeners know, Kevin has a bit of a temper, and has been known to go off on people from time to time.  The list is by no means exhaustive, and not listed in any specific order other than when Kevin thought of them.  they are not aimed at anyone on particular, but rather generic groups of people.  The list will be updated as more people are added to it.  If you want to suggest someone for Kevin to hate, email us at

  1. People who sing Bohemian Rhapsody at karaoke.
  2. People who are always talking about how they’ve read “The Art of War.”
  3. White Buddhists.
  4. People who play techno at a party.
  5. People who like techno.
  6. Anyone who has ever made a techno song.
  7. People who think Uber or Lyft should tell you the religion of your driver.
  8. People who wear vests without a jacket.
  9. Lyre players (I don’t know what a lyre is so I’m suspicious).
  10. People who order a meal with everything “on the side”
  11. People who play cell phone games in public with the volume all the way up