K&B 2018 Predictions

Here it is, the complete list of Kevin and Benedict’s 2018 predictions.  Play along with us as we see who gets the most points throughout 2018, a year that hopefully won’t suck as hard or as long as 2017.

Political predictions (5)


  1. Trump will remain in office through the end of 2018
  2. Democrats win a majority in the house
  3. Trump pulls the U.S. completely out of the Iran nuclear deal
  4. Mike Pence reveals he’s gay and is immediately impeached
  5. Donald Trump attacks North Korea


  1. Saudi Arabia and Iran move from proxy to all out war
  2. Democrats win two more Senate seat, making it 51-49
  3. Democrats win more votes than the Republicans but don’t take the House because of gerrymandering
  4. Keith Ellison will win election in the vacated Franken seat
  5. Some kind of DREAMERs legislation will be passed


General Predictions (6)


  1. Trump will continue to be a horrible human being
  2. San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup
  3. Donald Trump condemns our podcast by name as fake news
  4. We reach our goal of $400 a month from our patrons
  5. Benedict gets deported
  6. Republicans start a program handing out bootstraps and screaming at people to pull themselves up by them


  1. Jeff Flake will continue to live up to his name for the rest of his tenure
  2. Brexit fades into insignificance
  3. We will get our first podcast advertiser
  4. Way more sexual abuse allegations will surface – three household names
  5. Catalonia attempts to secede from Spain
  6. The Rock announces he will run for President


Celebrity Deaths 

Kevin: 1. Aretha Franklin, 2.  John McCain, 3.  Gwyneth Paltrow puts something weird in her vagina and dies.

Benedict: 1. Henry Kissinger 2. Billy Graham 3. Mel Gibson- going to have an anti-semitic rant so hard he pops a vein in his neck and explodes/throws a phone so hard against the wall, it rebounds, hitting in the temple and killing him.


Long Shots (2)


  1. Peace in the Middle East will be achieved because everyone in the region will become obsessed with candy crush and not have time to fight.
  2. A Bank error in our favor causes the U.S. to collect 500 dollars, ut Donald Trump goes directly to jail


  1. An asteroid hits earth, ending all of our horrible horrible misery
  2. HQ