Kevin And Benedict are two over-educated, over-stressed, over-sexed bad boys who came together to host the raddest podcast out there.

About Kevin:

Kevin Grew up in Sacramento California, where he conquered his enemies and saved the city from annihilation multiple times.  He currently attends UC Berkeley as a Political Science major.  He also worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for 5 years before college.  He enjoys cigars, hockey (Go Sharks), Politics, saltwater fish tanks, and drinking too often to be healthy.

About Benedict:

Benedict like Turtles, this is the main thing he wanted to say. Beyond that, there is not really much to know. He is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a moderately dense layer of fat. That is all.  He is also British.

About TWIN:

This Week in News with Kevin and Benedict is a weekly news show, with episodes posting on Mondays (usually).  We look at the crumbling of modern society through our twisted lens and pull our hair out as conservatives take a wrecking ball to decent society everywhere.  Join us as we raise our blood pressure and hopefully keep you informed of what’s going on in the world.